Monday, June 9, 2008

The Internet That Wasn't

I was very pleased with myself for avoiding retaining Comcast's services, because they charge exorbitant "installation" fees and have incompetent customer service.  I called on RCN instead, and they sent out a very friendly, helpful tech who got the Internet running in five minutes and then got out of our way.  That was Tuesday. 

A week later Wednesday, while I was at the bureau, Mia called to tell me that the internet was down.  The (Apple) wireless router was blinking amber.  I pulled out the only trick in my bag, i.e. the "power cycle," but that didn't work, so I told Mia to call RCN.  They told her that it was a Boston area problem, and that hopefully it would be fixed soon.

Today is Monday, and we still don't have Internet.  And, much more shockingly, the people at RCN don't seem to think that this is remarkable in any way.  According to the illiterati of RCN technical support, the entire Boston area has been without service for five days.  They were nice enough to offer us a waiver for 2 days of service, which came to somewhere in the neighborhood of $2.

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