Monday, April 30, 2007

New A's Stadium

I reproduce part of an email from my brother, both to credit his investigation and because I'm too lazy to do my own research:

Two epic details about the new A's stadium:

"Cisco will provide a cellphone system fans can use to purchase tickets and upgrade them on game day. There will be digital signs everywhere and embedded cameras around the ballpark to promote things."

-The article goes on to detail how, because of the digital signs, all refreshments and such will be price-adjusted as the game goes on. The example provided is that, if, as the game goes on, the A's are not selling very many hot dogs, they will use the digital signs to reduce the price!

"The Baseball Village will include 3,000 townhouses of various styles and prices ("We'll even let non-baseball fans buy them," said Wolff). Income from the residential portion of the project will help pay for the ballpark, which is expected to cost $400 million-$500 million, not including the land."
-You get to "literally" live in the ballpark!

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