Tuesday, February 6, 2007

MIT Professor's Hunger Strike

According to the Crimson at least, this nutcase is going through with his plan. Most professors, when denied tenure (at least in economics), either leave academia or take it as a sign that they need to produce more, good research in order to get tenure somewhere else in the near future. But not James Sherley. Mr. Professor Sherley has decided to take that classy step of alleging racism with, as far as I can tell, no evidence. The racism card is boring and predictable, but what's interesting about this is his little hunger strike:
"I will either see the Provost resign and my hard-earned tenure granted at MIT, or I will die defiantly right outside his office,” Sherley wrote in an e-mail to the MIT faculty in December.
I'm beginning to see why this guy didn't get tenure...in a real department. Maybe he'll get a call from Cornel West?

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