Friday, July 20, 2007

Fall Courses I'm Looking At

I noticed that the course guide has been updated, so I'm making a list for the coming semester.
  • Ec 2061: Dynamic Games and Contracts. Susan Athey's new course, which should snuggle nicely with Oleg's class.
  • Ec 2140: Econometric Methods. This way I can say I am taking two classes from a husband and wife pair of professors.
  • Ec 2723: Asset Pricing. Everyone must endure this trial by fire...from what I understand.
  • Ec 2800b: Urban and Social Economics. Taught by the dark lourd himself. But this conflicts with metrics...such giznank.
Those are the only 4 courses that really catch my eye. In addition, I'm sure I'll have various requirements to satisfy, like Economic History and distribution requirements, and I'll also need to sit in on macro at some point. I don't really remember much from Barro's section...

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