Monday, March 12, 2007

Building a Divorce-Proof Custom House

The NYTimes reports that many new custom houses are equipped for the inevitable sleeping apart, or even living entirely apart, that the modern married couple requires.
In interviews, couples and sociologists say that often it has nothing to do with sex.
This is why economists don't trust interviews. Or sociologists.

The best part is the user-posted comments on the newspaper's website:
This article reminded me of the idiotic marriage counselor who thought me sharing a bed with my thrash-and-talk-in-her-sleep-all-night wife would help us “bond.” Given that she also preferred talking on her cell phone late into the night while in bed to having sex, it’s no surprise that we’re now divorced.
I'm sensing deeper issues with that guy. Also
Not worth the money….the ol standby, THE COUCH is all a man needs!
In conclusion, I will quote from the gospel of the Drive-By Truckers
Last night I slept with my boots on again,
one cut on my forehead and one my chin,
on the hard old floor with nothin to cover up with.
You got me real good, girl, and I must admit,
you pack purty mean punch for such a pretty little dish.
And it's a shame to know most folks don't ever know love like this.

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