Thursday, March 8, 2007


So I'm sitting here in the science center cafe, next to a Sociology TF and his undergraduate brown noser (I can only assume freshman). Choice bits include:

"The great thing about sociology is that everything is 'up for grabs.' Unlike in economics, or other fields, there are no right or wrong answers in sociology, and the culture is such that students are encouraged to question everything."

I agree with the first point, that in economics, we strive for answering questions, whereas sociology isn't obviously pointed in that direction. But I have to say, I doubt there are any fields that encourage student debate significantly more than economics, where debate is really all we have.

"Sociology is obviously the best way to advise policy makers on how to alleviate poverty, but it also gets to talk about fun things, like music."

I won't dignify that any further.

"My work with the professor is about why, when Vermont and New Hampshire were so similar 50 years ago, they're now very different. We think it has to do with communes, and hippies, so we're gonna write a theory of that"

Something tells me his theory might only hold if we assume Inada Conditions.

This doesn't really boost the image of sociologists that I have.

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