Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Friedman Acceptability Meter: A Primer

Tomorrow morning I embark with Mr. John N Friedman on our cross-country road trip. As some of you have pointed out, this is a long trip to be spending with one other person, and, in order to stay sane and keep Friedman in his place, I will be posting daily on the acceptability of his behaviour. I will use a simple 10-point scale. A 5 will represent a neutral acceptability - Friedman has neither done anything particularly horrifying, nor particularly endearing. If Friedman saves my life (assuming an exogenous life-threatening shock), he'll receive a 10 for the day. If he purposefully thrusts me in harm's way, for example to shield himself from a well-struck foul ball or a rabid buffalo, then he will receive a 1.

I may change the scale to a continuous, logarithmic scale, which would allow the assigning of 0 to Friedman's behaviour - a 0 would indicate that the acceptability of his actions admits no lower bound.

The numerical scoring will of course be glossed extensively. I may post a few pictures as well. Comments will be appreciated to indicate that at least one warm body is reading this self-promoting windbaggery.


Chris said...

Compare and contrast the "Friedman Acceptability Meter" with the "Xris Acceptability Meter" that was in use during the BBTIV in 2004.

Anonymous said...

I have not had internet access frequently while in the barbarian wilds of "Europe," but I am following your progress carefully when possible.