Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Most Expensive Beer Ever Bought By Me

At the A's-Red Sox game last I night bought 4 (2 for me, one for pizpwn, and one for Xris) $10 "Big Coronas." They are aptly named in the sense that they're much bigger than any other beer on sale - in fact, I think the beer per dollar ratio may be higher on the Big Corona than on the other beers. However, the line at the Big Corona place was consistently shorter than the line at the place next to it, which sold regular sized beers. I've always wanted to run the experiment at a baseball game where two places, right next to each other, sell the same thing and charge different prices (I'd get in the high-price line, which would be shorter), but the A's solution might be even better - the people willing to pay $10 for a bigger beer get the shorter line without sacrificing any value at all.

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