Wednesday, January 3, 2007

3 Very Memorable Things about 2006 (and 3 Not So)


  1. Dodgers hit four consecutive homeruns in the 9th inning to tie the Padres in a very important game. This won't be happening again any time soon.
  2. Youtube emerges, dominates, and is bought for an enormous sum by Google, allowing me to enjoy such classics as the Michael Richards fiasco and Randy Johnson's hitting a pigeon in flight with a 100 mph fastball, and allowing the rest of the free world to enjoy Comedy Central for free.
  3. Gift cards beat out apparel for the top market share for Xmas presents. Soon, we will achieve a neo-classical paradise in which gift exchanges are one-way lump-sum transfers.
Not Memorable:
  1. Several states pass bans on gay marriage, but "by less" than previous states. Good job. Simultaneously, the Democrats seize control of the Senate when a decorated, conservative war hero just barely eeks out a victory over a sleezy overt racist.
  2. Microsoft starts selling its vaunted iPod killer, the ZUNE PLAYER. It comes in three colors: white, black, and, I kid you not, brown.
  3. The Cardinals are the worst team in the history of baseball, by an order of magnitude, to win the World Series. They may not have been in the top 20 teams in baseball. It is Tony Larussa's first World Series that does not end in a sweep.

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Tim said...

I think sleazy is spelled with an a. Important word.