Monday, January 15, 2007

THE GAME: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick-Up Artists

For obvious anthropological reasons I have decided to buy the book titled above. They actually throw "penetrate" into the title, for which they deserve credit. The Table of Contents is worth reproducing in full:

  1. Select a Target
  2. Approach and Open
  3. Demonstrate Value
  4. Disarm the Obstacles
  5. Isolate the Target
  6. Create an Emotional Connection
  7. Extract to a Seduction Location
  8. Pump Buying Temperature
  9. Make a Physical Connection
  10. Manage Expectations
I'll let it speak for itself, but what does #8 mean? I guess I'll know once it comes in the mail. $30 seemed high, even with fake leather cover, fake gold leaf, and that ribbon-built-in-as-bookmark, so I ordered it on

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Marc R. said...

To the guys: If you can get past the unabashed and at times fairly disgusting objectification of women this book and its cousin The Layguide exhibit, you'll actually find some fairly savvy psychological (specifically cognitive-behavioral and hypnotic) techniques for extracting those elusive digits.

To the ladies: If you want to maintain any faith in the male sex/gender, stay away from these books. Check that - read these books thoroughly so you know what Jon's up to when he starts you climbing his "yes hierarchy."