Monday, January 15, 2007

Movies of 2006

2006 was, by all means, the worst year for movies ever. From "Little Man" to the highly anticipated "The Butterfly Effect II," movies consistently disappointed us. However, there were a few watchable entries, and even, a few good ones. Here are my picks:

Good Movies
  1. Little Miss Sunshine. This was the one movie of the year that I plan to watch once a year until I die. It has many brilliant moments, and you feel good at the end.
  2. The Departed. The hot psychiatrist's accent almost ruins it all...but she's hot, and the movie delivers in a lot of ways. Plus, some of the action occurs right where I took the GREs. And props to Scorsese for the rat on the railing at the very end.
  3. Casino Royale. Brought Bond back to legitimacy after several epic disasters (invisible car? mojito?). But champagne for one?
  4. Inside Man. Spike Lee does all he can to ruin it with clicheed race-related asides, but he fails.
Watchable Movies

  1. Miami Vice. It introduced the "go fast boat," and Michael Mann achieved the scariest-sounding gunshots ever. Other than that...
  2. The Omen. I enjoy overdone horror movies. When Dani Fein and I saw this, we laughed enough in the theater to prompt the woman in front of us, who took the movie rather too seriously, to mutter "some people!"
  3. The Good Shepherd. If only Matt Damon's son were a man instead of an effeminate child inexplicably allowed to almost cause nuclear holocaust, this movie might have made sense.
Finally, I've heard that Pan's Labyrinth was amazing, but only from (and I can't stress this enough) a highly unreliable source.


elisa said...

you forgot to add that niether matt nor angelina age throughout the whole movie

Chris Ernest Hall said...

What about "For Your Consideration"? Although it was no "A Mighty Wind" it was still pretty funny.