Sunday, January 7, 2007

Brewers Association World Beer Cup

For those of us stunned by Miller Lite's claims to having won the gold medal at this competition (albeit for "American Style Light Lager,"), I have done a little research. First, 65% of the entrants of this "international" competition (held in Colorado) are American, and an even more suspiciously large percent of the 85 award categories feature the dubious word "American" in the title. Let's take a look at some of the categories and winners shall we:

American Cream Ale or Lager: Old Style
American Style Light Lager: Miller Lite
American Style Lager: Miller High Life
American Style Premium Lager: Pabst Blue Ribbon (after all, an award-winner already)
American Style Specialty Lager: Icehouse

Here are the rest of the results. Notably absent are Genny, and, especially, the best American Style Ice beer in my opinion, Natty Ice (the only ice beer that placed was Milwaukee's Best Ice, which received third place for American Style Specialty Lager).

There were 22 entrants in the American Style Light Lager competition.

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