Thursday, May 10, 2007

27 Unique Ideas for Dates

Over the past few years, Yahoo! has decided to make its front-page content increasingly low-brow, to the extent that it now reads like an extension of the ads they show during weekday soap operas (or at least, the ads i imagine they show on such soap operas). Check this out if you're looking for a great way to impress a date on your first time out.

Are you two "homebodies?" If so, Yahoo! recommends
Watch a full season of your favorite show on DVD for a TV marathon night.
What about "true romantics?"
1. Create love coupons for foot rubs and back massages and cash them in.
2. Go all out with a traditional candlelight dinner.
3. Reserve a B&B getaway.
All three recommendations strike me as remarkable - but seriously, what girl wouldn't go to a B+B on a first date? "Traditional" is not a word I'd use to modify something I'm selling as "unique."

Anyway, the list goes on, it's pretty hilarious. Everything from racecar driving school to takin' an underprivileged kid to a circus. They throw in a "double date with the folks" for family types.

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