Thursday, May 3, 2007

Chickamauga's Where I'm Bound, Solitude is Where I'm Headed

I'm battling through a (minor by many standards, including my own expectations) girl-induced depression. I've been through it enough times before to know that it's both very unpleasant, and temporary, and I'm taking the opportunity, as clinical as this sounds, to observe myself carefully.

I'm vaguely aware of "research" that claims that talking about your problems is not long-run helpful, and this seems right to me. Talking about the recent unpleasantness does feel instantaneously pleasing, but it keeps the unpleasantness in mind. I've found that the most relaxed and pleased I've been is when I've been working on physics or writing (I'm setting down ideas for my novel this summer). Of course, moments of bored solitude are the most miserable.

On a related note, I've found myself listening to the same three songs over and over again. In this case they happen to be from Uncle Tupelo's album Anodyne. Give Back the Key to My Heart->Chickamauga->New Madrid, with the final song resonating a lot. These songs are not happy songs, they're basically all about girl-induced depression. And they feel temporarily therapeutic, but after listening to them I feel attracted again to feeling sorry for myself. The other songs on my iPod have no attraction to me, but I felt better after cranking up the volume on Beyond Good and Evil than I did listening to Uncle Tupelo (or listening to nothing).

This blog is NOT a live journal, I intended the above to be intellectually stimulating in nature. Comments should be left with this in mind please.

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