Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Announcing my Roadtrip Blog 2007

For those of you who do not know, Mr. John Friedman and I will be enjoying a cross-country roadtrip from June 13-July 1, or so. No doubt many have asked Mr. Friedman how he could stand to be with me and me alone for so long, but rest assured, we will have a break halfway in between while he zips to and from Las Vegas for activities otherwise unspecified. During much of the driving, we will be occupied with the five-part biography of Andrew Mellon that I downloaded from Audible.com in a paroxysm of studious historical interest.

I promise to use this blog both to document our trip, and, more interestingly, to post a daily "Friedman Acceptability Reading." I'd like to, if possible, find appropriate thermometer graphics. Also if possible, I will record a "Friedman quote of the day" word for word and transmit it to you through this medium. Mr. John Friedman may indeed read my blog and be aware of this feature, but there's no way he can go a whole day without generating at least one quotation worth recording for the kind readers of this humble blog.

1 comment:

John Friedman said...

On the contrary, I would imagine the masses will eagerly await my daily wit and wisdom; how could I go a day without saying something worth passing on? Or perhaps 10-20 things.