Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Email to my Landlord

Dear Barry,

We have a list of concerns about the apartment, some of which we consider completely unacceptable, some only mildly unacceptable, most of which we have told you about in the past, and none of which you have mollified. We pay an enormous rent, and we are morally, legally, and I believe contractually entitled to better service on your part.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the problems we have recently been having:

- The power goes out in our unit and we have to go into the basement to reset circuit breakers.
This has now happened 4 times.
- The air conditioning, which contributes to the power's going out, is utterly ineffective when it is on.
- The sink in the upstairs bathroom does not drain as it should.
- The toilet seat in the upstairs bathroom is broken.
- The lights in the downstairs bathroom have never worked properly.
- The bulbs in the chandelier above the stairs to the first floor are broken and preclude us from replacing them.
- A bulb in the upstairs bedroom is dead and not extractable.
- The wiring in the kitchen is faulty, so the lights are often difficult or impossible to get on and off using the dimmer switch.

In addition, we find it difficult to impossible to reach you or anyone affiliated with you when we have urgent problems that require immediate attention.

Please let us know if you consider our requests above unreasonable, or, if not, how we can begin addressing each of the concerns.

Thank you,


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