Monday, May 28, 2007

What I've Been Reading

Sitting around with nothing to do, I've been reading books from/about the early 20th century.
  1. Of Human Bondage
  2. Cakes and Ale
  3. The Remains of the Day
  4. When We Were Orphans
Of Human Bondage is the best - it's about a poor, introspective chap who, despite constantly analyzing his own feelings and situation, can't seem to get rid of the people who clearly want nothing more than to giznank him horribly.

I'm almost embarrassed to have read The Remains of the Day, since everyone else seems to have read it and liked it, but it really is good. It's narrated from the perspective of an old-school English butler, and as such there are some very amusing and remarkable lines.

I've also been slogging through "Omensetter's Luck," which is Faulkner-esque, most of all in its unbridled incomprehensibility. But it does feature a preacher who spends most of his time mentally undressing the nymphets in his congregation.

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